Thursday, October 7, 2010

fall never comes late enough.

forced to face my decisions, consequences baking away for days.

pressed to your chest.

watching you breathe in your sleep. im awake. my pulse is two beats to fast i believe.
this east COAST weather is changing my chemistray.

how many people do i pee at the same time with everyday?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i never produce art when i am trying to be satisfied.. the only time i know how to work right now, is in the midst of a devastation i am experiencing...

Friday, July 30, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

hittin the road

Time is so strange, you have energy in one direction for a period of time, and then it fades and it is reborn into a new energy towards whole new things, im sure it changes over years, the period of energy are longer, and not as intense. but maybe thats just what im experiencing. then there is the feeling that time gives you. in the now, time feels short, fleeting, and like there is never enough in one day , and you have the days where time goes by way to slow, you forget how excited you could be, you feel as if everything is moving at a slower pace, and you have all the Time in the world.... then on a day like today when im moving out of the murphy building, which i have such an affection for, and im overall preparing to move myself to a new climate, a new region, a new place ive never explored, i look back, and time feels even faster than on my fastest days. I wonder where did that handful of sand that i had go? Man i learned alot and made a lot of decisions, but undoubtedly i am ready for a change.

i cannot wait to take flight again.
i cannot wait to take flight again.
i cannot wait to take flight again.

then there is the part of me that just want to relax in my comfy green grass wonderland of indiana for a few more months through summer, enjoy the sweet smell of a july night in some hidden corridor of the woods, with fireflies and crickets up and active. nights like tonight where the moon is full and the air is breezy with the hint of warm summer nights to come.

to be appreciative and ready for anything is where im trying to be with all of this. but there are still those questions...

look its already happened again.

Monday, April 19, 2010

its been a year

since this phase of my life began, i cant gauge how much ive learned, how much ive changed, and how much this year could have or could not have been. i wonder if we will ever reunite and be sisters for real. i wonder if im making the right choices. im wondering if anyone is worth as much as the words they say. i wonder if everyone lies, and if everyone hurts.

the blossoms of spring bring beautiful colors reminding me that i am not trapped. that its not always gray. and that with the death of my hope in you, there will always blossom a newfound hope within myself.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

just some outfits i enjoy, and if not i think the woman wearing it is BEAUTIFUL

fresh white socks, morning sun, i just really liked this photo

I really enjoy the boots this girl is wearing, and her long denim shirt, on black. mm ive found myself wearing a simialiar outfit the past few days. not to mention her hair is the length im dreaming mine was.

beautiful asain, in a speedo.

hello hat, and belly shirt, this look will be flooding williamsburg.